Theme 09 (revamped) - Dominator Heavenly Blue

Static Previews: [A] [B] | [code] | [magnusthemes]


  • Infinite Scroll/pagination
  • Optimized for Google Chrome, 1280x800 resolution
  • 1 column: 400px, 500px or 700px posts
  • 2 columns: 250px posts
  • Everything is customizable
  • 4 Custom Links
  • Optional billy player
  • Optional captions
  • Optional monochrome images
  • Optional fading images
  • Optional right image
  • Hover over the sidebar!! (not available on index page with 2 columns)


[terms of use]


  • Sidebar image must be at least 600x960. If you’re going to use the grid theme, your image must be that size.
  • Audio player in the preview is not expected to work.

Like or reblog if you use or plan to use this theme or just if you like it! And if you encounter problems you can always message me <3


Theme #06: Love Searcher by kuzuriha

And I will continue to seek love.


250 / 400 / 500 px sized post, single column only.
250px only for grid option.
Fading and grayscale photoset option
Infinite scrolling only (grid) and pagination only (single column)
Tooltips (cr: enabemai)
Optional music player: gyapo
Masonry with infinite scrolling: manatopia
An optional subtitle for display at the top bar. It will display your blog title instead if you leave the field for subtitle blank.
6 custom links
42 color options

yukoki was the inspiration of this theme. Somehow I was able to make this with coherency while I was flailing incoherently over Final Fantasy XV TGS trailer. I demand Square Enix to return Prompto’s previous hairstyle! D< 

Important: In the customization menu in Appearance, you will find musiccode. Paste the code for your music there. The topbar will either include an additional subtitle or your blog title. If you leave the field for subtitle blank, it will display your blog title instead. You can only pick one post size, and if you pick 2columns your posts will be automatically set as 250px wide. 

As usual, please drop me an ask if anything is wrong with the theme! /o/



Theme 8: Onika

{ Preview | Code }

  • Contained theme
  • 400px posts
  • 10 custom links
  • Sidebar links appear on hover
  • 17 customizable colors
  • 3 font options for the title
  • Choose between round or square avatar (Or simply remove avatar)
  • Option to add or remove shadows

Questions? Ask away.


i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

**none of these pictures belong to me


  • pattern backgrounds { here }
  • gradient backgrounds here }
  • sky backgrounds here }
  • floral backgrounds { here }
  • nature backgrounds { here }
  • pixel backgrounds { here }
  • animated backgrounds { here }
  • eiffel tower backgrounds here }
  • balloon backgrounds here }
  • other backgrounds here }

other pictures

  • transparent stuff here }
  • banners here }
  • sidebar pictures here }
  • pixels here / here }

themes (shortened from my other masterpost)

  • blogroll themes { here } 
  • network themes here } 
  • url redirecting themes here } 
  • collection of personal themes { here }


theme 36: delight


  1. 500px posts
  2. 8 Additional Links
  3. 400x250px sidebar Image
  4. Option for Infinite Scrolling
  5. Customizeable Colors
  6. Fish Widget (width:100px, height depends on your screen)
  7. Music Player (use billy mp3 player)
  8. Option for Right Sidebar, containing:
    • Updates Box (optional) - can be turned to another box
    • Description Box (optional) - description will show up on the sidebar image if right sidebar is disabled, if right sidebar is enabled it will show up on the right sidebar.
    • a third box you can use for widgets or anything (optional))
    • a search box


  1. Music Player by vitanica
  2. Search Box by lmthemes
  3. Background by cocorini
  4. Song: Delight by Yoo Jiae


Theme #20: Land of Hope
Temporary Live Preview | Static Preview | Install


  • 500/400/250px Posts (Make sure to only choose one post size!)
  • Two columns for 250px Posts
  • 4 Custom Links + Page Links
  • 3 120 x 120 icons (choose smaller icons option for 100 x 100 icons)
  • Pagination/Infinite Scroll
  • Optional Billy Music Player

Please leave the credit if you use this theme! Thanks, and feel free to ask any questions.


Daily Herald Theme: Live Preview | Code

I got a few requests for a simple Newspaper theme, after I made my Daily Prophet theme. This theme is fairly simplistic, just a few customise options which you can check here. Single column with a sidebar and header. Works on all major browsers.


Steampunk Theme: Live Preview | Code

The most complicated theme I have ever made. Based on the Steampunk aesthetic, this theme is full of moving parts and detail galore. The only downside is it may take a while for the page to load the first time you view it, but it’s totally worth it.


  • Contains a ‘functional’ cog, pulley and weight system that moves with the page as you scroll.
  • Custom background colour.
  • Unlimited links. Your first 6 links display as fancy buttons to the right of your description. If you have more than 6 links, the rest display below your description.
  • Optional infinite scroll.
  • Custom sidebar image. Upload any square image and it’ll resize to fit.
  • Border and link colours are customisable.
  • Description scrolls when it gets too long.
  • Special formatting for the new reblogged asks.
  • Like buttons and reblog buttons on every post.
  • Works on all major browsers (yes, even IE).

A lot of images have been used to make this theme, from all over the internet. Take time to check out the page where I have credited them all.